Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jack's Fun!

Jack continues to enjoy himself.  He has had quite a busy couple of weeks...

He celebrated Father's Day a few times, including time with his Grandpa Mike!

He visited Top of the Park with his Great, Great Aunt Betty!

He visited the zoo! 

Next week, he will take his first family vacation!  After seeing this picture of Drew Brees and his son after his super bowl win, I was motivated to do a bit of research about baby hearing protection.  I work in a loud industry and have been too at least 20 training sessions about hearing protection.  Once you lose your hearing, it is gone.  I found that you can purchase safe and reasonably priced hearing protection for babies on Amazon.  

Jack now owns his own!  Thank goodness, he doesn't mind them!  He will wear them when we visit the fireworks at the National Monument next week.  They should fit for at least 2 years so we will surely get our money's worth with all of our future adventures.  

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