Sunday, October 7, 2012

Goodbye trusty accessory

I finally said goodbye to a wonderful backpack I've had AND USED for 17 years.  I started using this backpack in 1995 when I started at Eastern as a freshman.  I used it everyday for 4 years.  It held many, many pounds of books and was lugged everywhere.  After college, I only used it when traveling.  I like carrying a backpack as my personal item on flights.  It lets you carry quite a bit of stuff and you can always shove your purse inside as well.  Over the years, I've added some tacky patches.  Many of them are conversation pieces as Eric learned at the Mall of America last weekend when someone from Sweden thought he might have been Finnish.  :)  When traveling with Jack, we definitely use the backpack.  Eric usually carries his Eddie Bauer backpack that he bought when he went back to school.  However, the night before this last trip, he couldn't find it.  So, we just had mine.  Therefore, he carried it a bit.  He hates it!

Upon our return, I decided that he was right.  It is tacky and I hate to think of him having to carry it again.  I ordered a new one.  It isn't as pretty but it does have a spot for a laptop (who had heard of laptops 17 years ago?) and is made out of "tougher" material.  The first one was an Eddie Bauer so I have expectations that this one will last me at least another 17 years.  I will be rather disappointed if it doesn't.  My old one was working just fine but it is now gone!

What didn't go are the little friends I've had on my backpack for about 5 years.  They will stay and Jack already likes (to eat) them.  :)

Possessions are just possessions but sometimes they have a lot of memories wrapped up in them!  I can't wait to make more memories!  


When we had Jack earlier this year (almost 6 months ago!), we thought we'd skip the Tigers road trip for 2012.  However, about half way through the summer, I looked at the schedule again and realized that we could still make it to Minneapolis.  We had a great time!  We spent most of Friday at the Mall of America.  We decided to stay out by the mall because the hotel had a shuttle service and the city has a light rail system.  Between these two services, we didn't need to rent a car.  The mall was as expected.  It is HUGE.  Eric is not a fan of amusement parks BUT since the mall had a Nickelodeon park in the middle, I was able to ride a ride!  I rode a roller coaster that spun around while you were riding.  It was a good time for sure!

On Saturday we woke up and headed downtown on the light rail system.  We had heard about a beautiful park from our shuttle driver.  We decided to stop at Minnehaha Park on the way down.  It was so pretty.  There are normally falls running through the park, but with the dry summer, we spent more time looking at the changing colors.

We had a great lunch at a brewery near the field and then it was time for batting practice!  The Tigers normally take batting practice not long before the game when they travel.  It is fun to see them before they start playing.  Plus, you can usually get an autograph or two if you have patience (and a marker).  Luckily, kids will let you borrow theirs!  Don Kelly signed Jack's hat!

 Jack really doesn't mind the carrier which is nice.  He is able to nap in it and it keeps him safe while we are walking.

On Sunday while we were getting ready, Jack took a nap in the big bed.  He looks so small (and cute of course!).

Minneapolis was nice.  We are thinking possibly Kansas City for next year.