Friday, June 15, 2012

Adventures with Jack

The adventures continue.  Thursday, Jack and I visited Gallup Park to try our first jog together.  It was very hard but worth it!  He did great and I felt like I got a great workout with the added job of pushing him.  It was such a beautiful day.   I needed to get at least one short jog in before the 5k on Saturday.  I don't feel ready but I have to be!

Today our adventures took us (along with Grandma Julie) on a trek to downtown Ann Arbor (about a 2 mile walk each way) to have lunch at Amer's and ice cream treats at Ben & Jerry's.  It was fabulous.  

Jack was pooped afterwards and fell asleep (again) during tummy time.   He definitely has his own agenda when we put him on the floor.  We hope for him practicing lifting his head and moving around a little.  He hopes to take a nap.  He wins.  

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