Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Largest Project of All

Can you even believe that someday in the near future, this will be turned in to a nursery?  I can't!  This is actually looking better.  I am going through things, reorganizing, and reducing.  The bottom line is that it all needs to be taken out of the room.  I have so many craft projects to do before the baby arrives though so it can't all be done quite yet.  Luckily, we have 5 months!  

That white chair is staying in the room.  We bought it for the nursery.  LOVE it.  

Pregnancy Journal

During the early days of being pregnant, I logged SO MANY hours of internet research on all sorts of things.  One thing that kept popping up was the idea of putting together a pregnancy journal.  Stores sell products that you can use but being the slightly crafty girl that I am, I decided to "make my own".  It is quite simple but I love the idea.

I found a very inexpensive journal online to start with.  I used stickers to embellish the front.  I also sprayed an acrylic sealer to help keep the stickers where they need to be.  

I do not plan on typing all of my entries, but I did start this way.  

Detroit Tigers Album Update

I finally found time to scrap our latest Tigers adventure - we visit an away Tigers game each year.  We visited Pittsburgh this year and really enjoyed ourselves.  I limit myself to two pages for each game, which I find difficult.  I like to capture both the game and the city.  

I can't wait to take our little baby to next year's game!!!!  :)