Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No Pressure!

I love blogging and sharing our adventures with family and friends.  However, when its been 3 months between posts, it almost feels like too big of a monster to tackle.  So, instead of trying to cover the last few months in a post, I'll just share a few things!

We've had some amazing visitors to our new house in Simpsonville!

First up were the Perrys (my sister and her family).  They drove all the way from New Hampshire.  We are so thankful that they were willing to come!

Jack absolutely loved spending time with his cousins.  His buddy Nathan was a great playmate and Alana and Katie took such great care of him.  It was such a fun time with so many memories.  Having Beckie and Brad in town for Brad's birthday was fun as well.  We made amazing steaks on the grill.  

One of our adventures included a yummy meal at one of our favorite places, Smoke on the Water!

We also made it to the zoo!

Hanging out at night.  All of the kiddos in their PJs!

And...downtown Greenville. We hope we sold them on our wonderful area and home.  We hope to have them visit again! :)

We also were SUPER lucky to have a visit from the HOAGS!!!  Darci is my best friend.  I have had a hard time being away from her and her family.  We both love a lot of the same things - running, crafting, spending time with our families, and so on.  

Jack and Greyson loved catching up as well. They played in the water table in their PJs.  Who wouldn't love that?

We also checked out this unique park at the city airport.  It was HOT but also super fun. 

Our sub's pool!

And... Downtown Greenville!  Everyone needs to see this city.  It is special.

My parents came to visit as well. We did a lot of hanging out and checking out Simpsonville, including this amazing train that is at Heritage Park.  We've been there a few times.  It is a quick ride around for a fair price. It was so nice to have relaxing time with Jack's grandparents!  We can't wait for the next visit....

AND, tomorrow Grandma Sheila arrives.  YES!!!  More fun to come!