Tuesday, May 7, 2013

South Carolina

Well, we've been here for a full week and it has been great.  We ended up driving down last Sunday and Monday.  Jack did very well through the trip but by the end, he (and we) just wanted out of the car!  We stopped for Buffalo Wild Wings in Cincinnati where they gave us a hard time about our Tigers/Michigan gear.  


  Almost there...

It was a pretty drive through the mountains.  We are only about an hour or so from them and the early morning sun on Monday was special to see.

The parks here are amazing and Jack has loved every minute of checking out play areas, grass, Presley, etc.  He is so curious about everything!

Every time we take Presley out, Jack is almost as excited as she is.  He laughs so hard. It is a good sight. 

Just two guys walking down Main Street.  People absolutely love watching Jack walk.  He is so ready to run already!  

I hope to post more regularly since we are away from our family and friends.  :(  I noticed that I haven't posted since December.  Oops!  Maybe I'll go back and post a bit about Jack's birthday (which was a blast!), Easter, visiting with family and friends, etc.  We will see!  

P.S. We love to video chat if anyone is interested.  Jack has the attention span of a baby (duh) so chats are short, but fun.  

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