Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday, we visited our favorite park, the Cleveland Park, on our way back from Artisphere. Jack makes a  "friend" each time and it is pretty freaking cute.  This time it was a 18 month old girl who had a mutual love of hugs.  Jack enjoyed that for sure!  

Today is Mother's Day.  It is the first Mother's Day that I can remember, since I believe I was in zombie mode last year with Jack only being 1 month old.  I felt much more sane this year! I started the day with an early morning 4 mile run that started at our favorite park and then headed in to downtown Greenville and back to the park.  I headed back home afterwards to get cleaned up and then spent the days with my guys which was perfect.  We visited a wonderful restaurant, Soby's, where we feasted on a tasty brunch.  It featured prime rib carving stations, a sea food station, a dessert bar that included a chocolate fountain, eggs benedict and french toast (two of my favorites), fresh muffins, AMAZING crab cakes, and so on.  It was so good!  We had reservations at 10:30 a.m. Afterwards we walked down to the Falls Creek Falls to hang out in the sun.  It was a relaxing start to this great day.  Now I listen to my very tired child play in his bed, instead of napping like he should be!  :)  Enjoy your day!

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