Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wonderful visits from family

We were lucky enough to have visits from family for the first 
two weekends in May.  My parents came to visit first.  We visited downtown Greenville, tried to find a peach picking farm, swam, attended a Greenville Drive game, visited the zoo - all around a great time!  

Friday night we visited Downtown Alive in Greenville.

The zoo!  

  We had a special surprise for them!  I had submitted Jack to be a contestant during a baby-toddler race in the 3rd inning of the Greenville Drive game.  He did so well for about 1/4 of the race, then was distracted by the mascot and announcer and ran to another mom. Priceless!

Still looking good here....

Eric's mom, Sheila, came to visit the following weekend.  We went to the zoo, hung out in downtown Greenville again, where Jack danced, and we drove up to Asheville and on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It was so beautiful to drive in the mountains on such a long and winding route!  

Greenville has a fun little water area that Jack has hung out at before but not completely enjoyed, until Grandma Sheila was here!  He played in the spouts and thoroughly enjoyed himself.  He wasn't too happy to leave.  

Great memories.  We can't wait to have more visitors... in our new house!!!!!  3 weeks until we move in and we are all thrilled!

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