Sunday, July 21, 2013

Michigan Trip

We made a quick trip to Michigan this past weekend to visit with family and friends and meet Caleb, our new nephew.  He is such a great baby and we are so happy for Andy and Cheryl!!  

Jack's cousin, Alana, was quite the helper!  She played with him a lot and kept on eye on him which we loved!!!! :)  He loved hanging out with his cousins.  

At Grandma Sheila's house, he decided he needed a big people cup, which was about as big as he!

We hosted a baby shower for the new and expecting parents, Andy and Cheryl.  They are awesome!

The two Prince Fielder fans were checking out the patio area (and Zoe too!).

On our return travel day, we visited Jungle Java's with Grandma Sheila. They had a blast playing in the toddler area. 

All of my parent's grandbabies!!!  So cute!

We met up with the Hoags on Saturday night for some downtown Ann Arbor fun.  They boys were holding hands and hanging out barefoot style! SUPER cute.

Then there was more playtime with friends - swimming with Sophia and Greyson.  

Post swim!  Swim hair is the best!!!!! 


We had flight issues both ways on this trip.  On the way to Michigan, we had a 3 hour delay.  We arrived at Detroit Metro around midnight.  On the way back, the air conditioning on the plane wasn't working really well, which caused sweaty head!  Jack is such a great traveler overall but the heat and being "stuck" sitting on our laps on the plane doesn't create the best conditions.  

We arrived back in Greenville late Tuesday night.  It was back to work the next day and then a walk through on our new house.  More on that soon!  

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