Sunday, January 1, 2012

Home-made Pizza

Being home a bit and finding a little energy means... COOKING!  

First came the dough.  The recipe calls for Bread Flour, which I've never purchased. Since I needed so much, I figured it was worth buying.  I also bought Kosher Salt after looking for it for quite awhile at Meijer.  

This was actually my first experience with yeast.  I've made other breads before, but never with yeast.  It was really very easy.  This is pre-rise.  

Then came the sauce.  I left the oil on the stove for a little bit too long though and when I mixed in the rest of the ingredients, it reacted a bit crazy (splattering, shooting out sauce, etc.)  It calmed down though.  I used provolone and mozzarella cheese, canned mushrooms, and ham.  The dough and pizza sauce recipes made two pizzas.  I made both.  We had leftovers the next day.  They baked for about 15 minutes at 400 degrees.

All cooked and ready to eat!

Eric and I both really liked the pizza.  I estimate that the ingredients cost around $12 which is really reasonable.  We will have it again!  

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