Saturday, December 10, 2011

Preparing for Baby aka Little Compton

Remember this?

We had quite a project on our hands.  We had an idea of what we wanted to do.  We were looking for a piece of a furniture called a secretary but of course wanted a great deal and the perfect piece.  It needed to have PLENTY of storage space but also look nice and have somewhat of a compact quality once it was finished.  Eric found something that looked like it would work on craigslist.  While we were out on Black Friday, we went and looked at it in Farmington Hills.  Keep in mind we had a vehicle full of shopping bags to start.  We were in luck!  It was exactly what we had been seeking, however ti needed A LOT of work.  After looking closely at it, we could tell that it had been stored outside at some point and was rather marred and scratched up.  It needed work to say the least, but that was the plan.  It actually fit in the Trailblazer which was perfect.  Otherwise, I am not sure what we would have done.  

Check out the before pics...

In process...

And done!  SUPERB in my opinion!  What an amazing transformation.  

Eric doubted that all of my "stuff" would actually fit within the furniture, but he was happily surprised!  I have my jewelry making supplies and the larger dies for my Sizzix machine on the top shelf.  The second shelf has ink and other stamping supplies, my Creative Memories cutting system and many of my embellishments.  The  third shelf has some of my watercolor painting supplies, ribbons, wood beads, and many, many adhesives/glues.

In the open secretary portion, I have stored my scissors, pens, markers, several punches, more adhesives, and my cutting system mats.  I also store whatever project I am working on inside.  Currently, I am working on scrapbooking our 2010 London/Paris trip and keeping my pregnancy journal updated.  I just finished London!  WOO HOO!!!  

In the lower drawers, I've stored many more supplies. In the first drawer, I have more watercolor painting supplies, my stickers, and lots of punches.

The next drawer has so much glitter (LOVE), and some of my stamps.

This drawer has my paper.  This is the only part of this "system" that I do not love.  I think it is the best solution for now, but it is difficult to get to and go through the paper while you are working on a project.  

The last drawer has the rest of my stamps. 

Using the new spot!  Love it!

As I stated in my earlier blog post, I did do some sorting and reorganizing of my supplies before I started moving in to my new spot.  I have a large bag of fun supplies ready for my sister and her kids!  I think she'll enjoy the mixture of items.  

Check out the room as of right now - quite a transformation.  

The desk is listed on craigslist.  We have had some interest and hope to sell it soon.  The bookshelf will be replaced by the one that Eric is going to make for the baby.  I will have to relocate the scrapbooks and crafting books as well.  I am so excited to see all of the baby furniture Eric will be making for the baby over his Christmas holiday break.  It is a really large undertaking but I have confidence.  He is excited too!

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