Monday, July 25, 2011

Bucket List Update

In no particular order:

1.      Travel to London (traveled to London May 2010)
2.      Travel to Paris (traveled to Paris May 2010)
3.      Travel to Australia
4.      Travel to Hawaii
5.      Travel to Alaska
6.      Learn Spanish (enrolled in and attendingSpanish class) 
7.      Go stargazing
8.      Develop craft/creative blog and post regularly (developed in spring 2010)
9.      Go on a road trip with my hubby, Eric, to places we’ve never been (Pittsburgh 2011)
10.  Create my dream home
11.  Start a business with Eric
12.  Go scuba diving and/or snorkeling
13.  Compete in a Triathlon
14.  Swim with dolphins
15.  Volunteer to help children in need (volunteered with Make a Wish in July 2010 but will continue to do so)
16.  Achieve my ideal weight
17.  Run a 10K (possibly the Run Scream Run 10K in October, 2011)
18.  Really learn to golf
19.  Make a positive difference in someone’s life
20.  Plant and grow tomatoes (planted and growing)
21.  Plant and grow a garden (planted and growing)
22.  Visit all of the MLB parks with the hubs (our progress)
23.  Take the SPHR test and pass (at my next recertification)
24.  Become a bit of a minimalist (not sure how far we’ll go yet but definitely want to cut back on owning and buying unnecessary “stuff”)
25. Compile a joint bucket and travel priority list

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