Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Relay for Life Golf Tournament

Eric and I are involved in two Relay for Life teams each year.  The first relay event was a couple of weeks ago in Ann Arbor.  We were part of the Ann Arbor Jaycees team.  We also walk with the OmniSource team in August.  The OmniSource team does a ton of fundraising.  This year we even had a golf outing to raise money.  Eric and I were lucky enough to play.  We played a scramble with another couple with SLIGHTLY better skills than us.  That really isn't saying a whole lot.  :)  Eric and I have only ever golfed one other time together.  We need practice but had a great time!  It was such a long day though!  We literally golfed for 7 and a half hours.  It was crazy!

We need help!  :)  We are going to a "Couples Golf Clinic" next weekend - maybe there is hope!

Eric's Mom gave us personalized tees for Christmas!  They are FUN!
Jody and Travis
It rained very hard about halfway through the day.  We took a short break.  After the rain settled down, we found this snapping turtle.  Apparently Travis traps them.  He REALLY wanted to take this one home but it was mean! 

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