Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby Jack

It is still hard to believe that Jack has already been out and about in our lives for over a week.  We have been so busy getting to know him and trying to predict his needs as well as working through Eric's finals schedule.  Time is flying by!  

Jack came a bit early.  He was almost 3 weeks early.  For the couple of days prior to his birth, I started to have a feeling he was going to come early.  I had to go to the hospital the day before we ended up going for the "real thing".  It was scary but everything was fine and they told me that he might come early.  Apparently, my feelings were valid.  However, when labor actually began, I was somewhat fooled in to believing that I wasn't having contractions.  Luckily, Eric pushed me to come to the realization that they were contractions.  :)  We headed to the hospital and found out that we were in labor.  Jack came about 5 hours later!  He is amazing!

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