Sunday, February 5, 2012

Martha in person in a little over a week!

One of my dreams is coming true!  I am going to a taping of the Martha Stewart Show - actually not just any taping - the BABY SHOWER SHOW taping.  A month or so ago, I saw a tweet from Martha regarding this episode and I felt like trying to get a ticket.  I had no idea if I would get one and thought Eric and I would make a decision about whether or not to go if we were lucky enough to get a ticket.  Well, I DID get a ticket but the show will tape on a Tuesday and Eric is just too busy with his school schedule to get away.  HOWEVER, Beckie (my sister) is going to meet me in NYC for a few days.  This trip is going to be amazing!  We already have a ton of things on our list of "to dos".  We are both very excited to say the least.  I cannot wait to spend 3 whole days with my sister.  She is so much fun and I miss her all the time.

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