Friday, November 19, 2010


Life is busy and I have tried to focus on the fact that regardless of how hard I may think my life is, it is still leaps and bounds easier than many other people's lives.  Therefore, even if you never feel like you have enough time or money to get by in life, you probably do have at least a little time to give back. 

I joined the Ann Arbor Jaycees 4 years ago.  I joined because I wanted to add variety to my life and get out and experience new things.  Boy, did it give me that!  The organization also introduced me to a large like-minded group of people that I have become great friends with.  I have found that I enjoyed the community service projects quite a bit.  Now that I work in Jackson and live in Livingston County, Jaycee events are a bit difficult to make it to.  I did a bit of research and found a cause that I felt strongly about in Jackson.  I started training with the AWARE shelter earlier this fall.  It is a shelter/center for battered women and their children.  The training is extensive but I am excited to have found a way to give back.  I have had some stumbling blocks in my life and was always so lucky that there were people there to help me along the way, both family/friends and strangers/new friends.  Many people do not have anyone to lean on.  Actually, many may not be the accurate term.  It is probably more accurate to say a large percentage of people feel that they do not have anyone that can help them. 

How to be a Good Person

After some recent events, I really started to wonder what others felt made a good person.  I did some research and feel that the article above is a pretty good representation of what I found.  No one is perfect and I know that there is no way in life to make every person you come in contact with happy.  What you can do is try your best to be the person that you can respect.   I'd say that is my goal. I'll keep on working on constantly trying to achieve it. 

Happy Thanksgiving to my cherished family and friends.  Love you all. 

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