Sunday, May 30, 2010

What a Storm!

Last Friday brought a strange and very strong storm to Kaiserville.  Eric was at work and Presley and I were working on dinner.  It had been raining for awhile but it was just "normal" spring rain.  Very suddenly, the winds picked up and the rain started coming down very hard.  We lost power quickly and shortly after I heard the cracking of a tree starting to fall.  We have had two large and dead trees that we've been talking about having removed for quite some time.  If one of those were to fall on the house, it would kill anything in its path.  I definitely thought it was one of them, but...  thankfully it wasn't!  It was a tree that we thought was quite alive.  It came down hard and fast.  The wind was so strong that it basically tore the tree off of it's trunk and moved it about 5 feet.  A branch from our tree or possibly another tree flew off and punctured our neighbor's house.  The end result was a house that looked like it has a tree growing out of it. 

The tree and our yard needed a lot of work.  We had to take a trip to the Chelsea Village Hardware Store to pick up a chain saw!  Eric was so happy about this purchase.  He has wanted a chain saw for a long time but could never justify it to himself.  Well, the time had arrived!  He had about 8 hours of work on Sunday to take care of the tree and all of its waste. 

This whole experience finally motivated us to get a quote on the two dead trees.  I talked to Dave's Tree Service early in the week and they were able to come out on Friday.  They were impressive.  They brought a crane and cherry picker.  They had both trees down within an hour.  The stump grinder then went to business.  Eric talked them in to grinding the stump of the tree that was destroyed in the storm.  It was finally done!  Over the next week, Eric and our neighbor will be working on splitting all of the wood for Wayne's indoor wood burner. 

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